Mario Dumančić, Milan Matijević, and Tomislav Topolovčan: How mobile learning can change education

How mobile learning can change education
Mario Dumančić, Milan Matijević, and Tomislav Topolovčan
Faculty of teacher education University of Zagreb, Savska c. 77, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Frequent technological changes have started  the unstoppable changes in the development of human society. Unlimited access to the information is surely the first and the basic result of these changes. The next change, not less important, happened in the transfer and the presentation of the information and the knowledge. Development of mobile technologies enabled a new step out by making the users fully mobile, resulting in obliterating the time and space limits. These devices enable the unlimited access to the information, knowledge data bases, and multimedia contents and most importantly to the communication beyond time and space. Is today’s elementary school ready for the changes influenced by the mobile technologies? How can today’s teacher respond to the challenges of mobile technologies in their classroom? This paper would like to showcase and point out the changes in the educational process influenced by the development of mobile technologies.
Key words: m-learning, mobile learning, elementary school, educational technology